Irish Perry DNA – Sub-Project

Irish Perry DNA

There are several different Perry families in Ireland who have no genetic connection to one another. Each of these descends from a different settler ancestor, many of whom settled in Ireland in the 17th century. We are trying to find representatives from each separate Irish Perry family to come forward for DNA testing. So far we have testers from the following groups:

  • Woodrooff, Tipperary and Cork (descended from the Devon and London Perrys)
  • The Pery family of Limerick
  • The Kilboy, Tipperary Perrys
  • The Cahir, Tipperary Perrys
  • The ‘violin’ Perrys from Laois, Kilkenny and Dublin
  • The Quaker Perrys from County Laois
  • A Perry family from Armagh, Northern Ireland
  • Tha family of Swift Perry of Perrymount, Northern Ireland
  • The Seskinore Perrys from County Tyrone

We are currently looking for testers from the following families:

  • The Perry family of Formerla, County Clare
  • The Perry family of Clonmoher, County Clare
  • The Perry family of Obelisk Park, County Dublin
  • The Perry family of Cork and Antigua
  • More descendants of the families already tested

Please contact Vicki Perry if you are a descendant of any of these, or another Irish Perry family and would like to join the DNA test. In certain circumstances sponsorship may be available, upon submission of a pedigree with sources. The Irish Perry Genealogy website can be found here.