Family Group 17

Kit # Earliest known Perry ancestor
165123 James Perry, born ca 1740, most likely in Maryland (but possibly Virginia), 1784, Frederick, Maryland.
Married Hannah (maiden name unknown). Their children (known by will/probate):

  • John Perry, born before 1772, died 1809 or 1811, Washington County, Kentucky
    Married Rachel Ray before 1800. She was born ca 1766, died 1834, Jackson County, Indiana. Thair children:

    • Francis
    • Sarah
    • Benjamin
    • William
    • James
    • Thomas
    • Elisha
    • Ann “Nancy”
    • Elizabeth
  • Thomas, born 1761/2, Frederick, MD.
  • James, born ca 1765, Frederick, MD. (Possibly the James Perry that married Sarah Warfield, 10 May 1792, Frederick, MD.
  • Peggy, possibly (but not proven) the Peggy Perry that married Stephen Fenell, 16 December 1787, Frederick MD.
  • Rachel, born ca 1768, Frederick, MD. Possibly (but not proven) the Rachel Perry that married George King 6 December 1788 in Frederick, MD.
  • Basil, born ca 1768 Frederick, MD, migrated to Raywick, Kentucky ca 1808 and then to Columbiana, Ohio, 1811 where he married Rachel Hazen. In about 1836 they moved to Hancock, Illinois, he died there ca 1851.
  • Mary, possibly (but not proven) the Mary Ann Perry the married Dennis OBryan 9 October 1790 in Frederick MD
  • Nancy, possibly (but not proven) the Nancy Perry that married Ignatius Head, 2 January 1790 in Frederick MD (or married 2nd) Peter Arnold Mar 23 1799
  • Lydia, possibly (but not proven) married Thomas Giddings, 30 April 1793 although that name was spelled Lyda possibly (but not proven) the “Lyda” Perry that married Thomas Giddings, 30 April 1793 in Frederick, MD.
  • Betsy, (most likely Elizabeth) of whom nothing else is currently known.
  • Francis (male), of whom nothing else is currently known.
N37139 George M Perry, died 1846, buried in Summerville Cunningham Cemetery, South Carolina
Married Agness. Their son:

  • Elijah Perry, born ca 1800, SC, died after 1860, Pigeon Roost, Choctaw County, Mississippi. Married Perthenia. Their children:
    • George Lafayette Perry, born 21 May 1827, in South Carolina, died 19 July 1907, Leake County, MS.
      Married, ca 1853, Hannah Lampkin. She was born 22 June 1827, Edgefield County, SC. Their children:

      • William Dixon Perry, born 1854
      • Hannah Elizabeth Perry, born 1856
      • George Lawrence Perry born 1858
228153 Adoptee, born Duval County, Florida. Please contact Group Administrator for further information.

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