Y-DNA Testing

The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son in much the same way as surnames usually are. Any male with the surname Perry is welcome to join the Perry DNA Group, as long as they are willing to share their results and information about their family history. Test results will consist of a ‘Haplogroup’, which will confirm your deep ancestral origins in the male line, as well as a sequence of numbers known as a ‘haplotype’. It is this sequence that will be compared to other testers in order to determine a family relationship.

You can join the Perry project at: Family Tree DNA testing company. The more markers that are tested, the more accurate the result will be. We recommend that you test at least 37 markers to ensure a reliable result. It is possible to join at a lower level and to upgrade the test at a later date for greater accuracy. The strength of the genetic match can give an estimation of the time to the most recent common ancestor of two men. Y-DNA testing must always be used in conjunction with traditional genealogical research and we encourage communication and sharing of research amongst participants to help solve our family mysteries. Some examples of Perry research success stories can be found here.