Family Groups 21 – 30

Below are details of the ancestry of participants in the Perry DNA project, grouped into genetic clusters. Everyone in a genetic cluster shares a common male ancestor at some point in time, though the exact relationship may range from father to son, uncle to nephew, or even remote cousins. Please click on the group number below to take you to a detailed pedigree for that group, or scroll down to read details of all families. Please note that this information has been provided by project members and has not been verified by us. We would suggest that if you require further information about a particular family, then you should contact the tester (or his representative). You can find their email addresses (where available) by signing into your account, select your y-DNA matches, then identify the correct kit by matching up with the earliest known ancestor’s name on 37 marker list. Click on the kit holder’s name and their email address is displayed.

Family group 21 (Perry family of Seskinore, county Tyrone, Northern Ireland)
This group consists of two members, one who traces his ancestry back to a 17th century northern Irish family whose residence was called Seskinore and the other who has traced his line back to 19th century Kentucky. There are suggestions from secondary sources that the family originated in either Wales or Gloucestershire and work is ongoing to prove or disprove these theories.

Family group 22 (Descendants of MATTHEW PERRY Sr b c1644 Gloucester, Essex County, MA and ALANSON READ PERRY, born 1801, Middlesex, CT)
A third Perry has tested into this lineage extending the line back to the mid-1600s in Massachusetts. The other 2 testers trace their ancestry back to Alanson Read Perry, who was born in Connecticut and spent most of his life in New York.

Family group 23 An Oxfordshire>Berkshire UK & NSW Australia Perry Family
This group consists of two members whose lineage traces back to Michael Perry 1813 Oxfordshire-1881 Berkshire.

Family group 24 Jehan Poirier b1626 Poitou, France-d1653 Port Royal, NS, CAN
This group consists of three members whose lineage traces back to Jehan Poirier b1626 Poitou, France-d1653 Port Royal, NS, CAN. and a fourth which bears further research.

Family group 25  A Maryland Perry Family
Three members whose lineage traces back to 1774 Maryland.

Family Group 26 A Cornwall, UK Perry Family
Three members – William Perry born 1799 Cornwall, UK

Family Group 27 Earliest common ancestor for this group is Alfred Perry, born 1816, Walton, Somerset, England. Died 1868, Walton, Somerset, England.

Family Group 28  Participants in this group share a common y-DNA genetic signature with a descendant of Nathan Perry born c1769 and died 1842 Cooperstown, Brown County, IL.


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