Welcome to the Perry Surname Project

This project began in January 2006. Our goal is to help PERRY family researchers break down those long standing “brick walls” through the use of DNA analysis. When used in combination with traditional family research, DNA analysis can allow us to quickly map the links that tie our families together and discover more about our own family histories.

This project is open to anyone researching the PERRY surname. Both male and female participants are welcome. However, it should be noted that because this is a SURNAME PROJECT, it relies on the testing and analysis of the y-chromosome. Females and males not of direct male-Perry ancestry should sponsor the yDNA test of a Male Relative with the Perry surname in order to join this project, as this will provide the information needed to link families together.

We currently have some exciting sub-projects for the group, relating to specific Perry families. For details of these, please click here. We encourage our members to share their research, discuss results between themselves and set up sub-groups where you feel it will help with your research.


  • To eliminate and/or confirm the relationship of individuals or lines.
  • To focus research on related families.
  • To establish an ancestral haplotype (DNA signature) for each major Perry line.
  • To connect previously “unconnected” Perry lines.
  • To determine geographical locations for further research.

Project Administrators:

Volunteer Co-Administrators
Rebecca Starr Vicki Perry
Linda Magellan Rebecca Starr Vicki Perry
Sub-Project Group Administrator
Group 9 Perrah Yarborough
Group 15 Doug Klein

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