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You may have noticed that the Perry Project website was off-line today for a bit.  A few changes have been made and it is necessary for anyone who wishes to make comments and/or interact with sub-group participants to request a new login.  This login is specifically for this project site (it is NOT part of your FTDNA login).

Click here request a login for the Perry Y-DNA Project website.

Thank you!


  1. markperry98

    I received my DNA results from What is the next step. I am trying to learn and understand the results but it is difficult. Can anyone guide me to any resources that might will help me understand the results. Thanks

    1. Rebecca Starr

      Hi Mark,
      Your results show you are a member of Family Group 9. I believe Perrah Yarborough, research group leader of the ‘niners'[Seven Perry Brothers Group] is already in touch. Best, Rebecca

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