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You may have noticed that the Perry Project website was off-line today for a bit.  A few changes have been made and it is necessary for anyone who wishes to make comments and/or interact with sub-group participants to request a new login.  This login is specifically for this project site (it is NOT part of your FTDNA login).

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    Hi, I transferred my results from ancestry to familytreedna to determine which Perry group I belong to. How do I get the results and make the connection in this surname project? Please advise?

    1. jcalmond

      Thank you for your interest in the Perry-DNA project. I don’t know how much you know about DNA testing so bear with me if I repeat information you already have.

      DNA testing has 3 main approaches: mtDNA, which traces the direct maternal (female) line, y-DNA, which traces the direct paternal (male) line, and atDNA, which has a much broader range across DNA markers than either mtDNA or Y-DNA, and generally detects cousins. testing is atDNA and gives a broad, or less specific, result than either Y-DNA or mtDNA although with a great deal of information and possible matches.

      The project is for paternal (or family name) Y-DNA results only. However, there are other projects that you can join through FTDNA if you wish. When you transfer your DNA results from another company, FTDNA will assign you a kit# and I assume you received it once your information was transferred.

      If you go to the FTDNA web site you can create a user ID and password (your user ID will most likely be your kit #). Once that is done and you are on your FTDNA home page, there is a tab at the top which says myProjects. Select “Join a Project”. Click that and you’ll see a list of projects. The two that you’ll most likely find of interest are “Our Gene Trees FF” and “Perry atDNA” . You can join one or both as well as other projects you feel can be helpful to your tracing your family lines. The FTDNA folks have very good explanations for each project.

      If you wish to trace your Perry paternal line specifically, it would be necessary to locate a male in your family who descends directly from a male Perry as far back as you have good documentation. Then have that family member tested for Y-DNA through FTDNA. Once those results are in, you can sponsor or follow his information if he is okay with that approach. We find that although some folks are willing to be tested, they really don’t want to manage the family tree themselves. That’s okay as long as the tester gives written (an email is fine) consent for someone else to manage his account.

      We also find that if some folks feel that the price seems a bit much, interested family members may be willing to share the costs for one test so they can learn more about their Perry line.

      I hope this has answered your question. If not, please let me know and I’ll try to help you.


        Ok, great. Thank you.

  2. markperry98

    I received my DNA results from What is the next step. I am trying to learn and understand the results but it is difficult. Can anyone guide me to any resources that might will help me understand the results. Thanks

    1. Rebecca Starr

      Hi Mark,
      Your results show you are a member of Family Group 9. I believe Perrah Yarborough, research group leader of the ‘niners'[Seven Perry Brothers Group] is already in touch. Best, Rebecca

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