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The Perry Project offers a FREE 37 marker yDNA test to a qualified male Perry descendant in the direct male line (no adoptions) from the families/locations listed below. Applicants must have a fully documented line and be prepared to share their research and evidence with the project administrators.

  • A male Perry from Wotton-under-Edge or Thornbury, Gloucestershire, or Kingswood, Wiltshire. (Hunter alias Perry line. See pages 91-92 of theĀ Visitation Pedigree
  • Any male Perry with a documented Perry line going back to the following English counties, 1600-1650 (or earlier), whose line is not already represented in the project: Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Devon, Dorset, Somerset. Lancashire and Yorkshire also considered. If you have a documented line from another county, please contact us with details.
  • Any male Perry with a documented Irish Perry line going back to:
    • Ambrose Perry of Clonmoher, County Clare (ca. 1630-ca. 1702)
    • George Perry of Ballysheen, County Clare, died 1800
    • Edward Perry of Youghal, Cork and Antigua, born ca. 1630
    • Henry Perry of Cahir, Tipperary (1811-53) (son of Samuel)

    If you descend from any other Irish Perry family and have traced your male lineage pre-1800 please contact us with details.


  1. jaznjjj

    Jennifer here again (jaznjjj). Sorry, lost the plot getting back to you. There are a number of family members who have tested for DNA who are Perry descendants. I’ll locate gedmatch numbers etc. and get back to you. Perry descendants who have tested: my uncle Ern Perry, my brother Jeffrey Perry, myself nee Perry, my son and my daughter. I’ll need to tidy up the paper trail for you!

    Have found the DNA journey fascinating!

    Jennifer and Caroline

  2. jaznjjj

    Hi Ivor! I have had a quick look at my records and it seems my Perry connection in Somerset is located at Haslesbury. It looks like two brothers (at least), Thomas and Heber, moved to the Isle of Wight. Heber born 1817. The family appear to have been carpenters and joiners. Anecdotal history says thet my Isle of Wight Perrys constructed the inner coffin for Queen Victoria. Happy to share DNA. Have tested myself through and have results. On the Perry side of the family my daughter and my brother have also tested. I am in the process of having my son tested and an elderly Uncle in South Australia has agreed to be tested too. That should yield some useful results. My daughter is also uploading our data into GedMatch. Are you happy to wait until we can consolidate our findings? My email is if you choose to use it.
    Kind regards,
    Jennifer (nee Perry)

    1. Ivor Perry

      No worries, Jennifer. I’ll let you know as soon as I get my results. My personal email is
      About your ancestors’ village: I think it’s the one that is nowadays known as Hazlebury, or more properly Hazlebury Plucknett. It’s about 7km west of the town I was brought up in – Yeovil. Like a lot of Somerset villages, it has a double name – these were usually a combination of the pre-Norman name (here Hazlebury – bury or burgh or borw coming from Saxon/Norse and meaning a town or settlement) and the second name being that of the Norman lord. Plucknett doesn’t sound very French, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a corruption of something. There are lots of others – Norton Fitzpaine, Keinton Mandeville, Hatch Beauchamp (pronounced Beecham) etc.
      Thanks for the contact. I’ll stay in touch.
      Best regards

    2. Rebecca Starr

      Hi Jennifer,

      I’m Rebecca Starr, a Perry Project Administrator. Thank you for posting on our website. We’re very interested in testers with documented UK origins. Assuming your is an atDNA test, I’d like to look at your results at Gedmatch if you’ll post or send your Gedmatch ID. My email address is Are you planning to yDNA test your Perry surnamed brother or other male relative? Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


  3. ivorperry

    I don’t know if this helps. My paternal line goes back to pre 1750, with George Perry of Walton, Somerset, England. I have seen the documents that go back as far as 1816, (Alfred Perry, b Walton) but before that I am relying on other people’s websites.
    England has 3 marked clusters of Perrys – Somerset/South Gloucestershire, the West Midlands (Birmingham area) and the Kent/Essex borders. I’ve no idea if they are related – the surnames may even have different derivations.
    Having been born and raised in Somerset, I can confirm that the surname is common there, though much less so in other parts of the country.
    I have recently applied for a DNA test through the Britain’s DNA project, and am happy to share the results when they come through in 10-12 weeks.
    However, this DNA test is likely to concentrate on ancient (1,000+ years ago) so may not be relevant.
    That said, I’m happy to share any records and other data that I have.
    Ivor Perry

    1. Rebecca Starr

      Hi Ivor,

      Thanks for posting on our Perry yDNA Project’s website. I’m Rebecca Starr, one of the Administrators. Would you tell us which British DNA project you are testing through…ie its website address? Also, what kind of DNA test did you order (atDNA, yDNA, mtDNA, SNP, other)? We use for testing at our project, but we are naturally interested in results produced at other companies.


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