Family Group 2

Kit # Earliest known Perry ancestor
88340 Richard Perry, (1580-1650) of Exeter & London, son of Richard Perry, bailif of Exeter, who was son of Roger Per[r]y, Freeman of Exeter.
Married Dune Hicks. Their children:

  • Philip (1577-)
  • Richard 1578-1579?)
  • Roger (1579-1618)
  • John (1581-1629
  • Hosea (1584-)
  • Edward (1585-1622)
  • Thomas (1586-)
  • William (1588-1619)
  • Elizabeth(1590-)
  • Richard Perry of London, New Haven and Tipperary, Ireland. Married, 1639, Mary Malbon. Their children:
    • Mary (1640-)
    • Samuel (1645-)
    • Micajah (1641-1721) married Anne Owen
    • Grace (1649-)
    • Peter (1651-)
    • Ebenezer (abt.1655-)
    • John Perry (1647, New Haven, Connecticut –1710, Tipperary, Ireland ). Married Elizabeth Riall (1669-1754). Their children:
      • Richard (d. 1722) m. 1709 Elizabeth Vaughan
      • John of Woodrooff (d. 1759)
      • Micajah – d. after 1710
      • Samuel Perry of Cork – m. 1721 Phoebe Norcott (DNA test comes from this line)
      • Elizabeth – m. abt. 1711 Benjamin Lawton
      • Anne (d. abt. 1763) – m. Rev. William Jackson
      • Grace m. William Cleburne
      • Rebecca Pyke
      • Sarah
Ezra Perry, born ca 1627, Devon, England, lived in Sandwich, Massachussetts ca 1633 – 1698, died 16 October 1689, Sandwich, MA.
Married 12 February 1650[/1], Elizabeth Burgess, born 1629, Truro, Cornwall, England, died 20 September 1717, Sandwich, MA. Their children:

  • John Perry
  • Ezra Perry
  • Deborah Perry
  • Benjamin Perry
  • Samuel Perry
  • Rememberance Perry
N16640 Edmund Perry, born 1630, England.
Married to Mary Freeman. Their children:

  • Benjamin Perry, born 1677, Rhode Island, New York. Married Susannah Barber.
  • Freeman Perry, born 23 December 1733, Rhode Island, NY. Married Mary Hazard
44302 Luke Perry, died 1829, Stanstead, Canada.
Married to Irene Patrick. Their son:

  • Matthew Perry, born 1813, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada, died 1887.
    Married Elizabeth Holton, born 1813, died 1888. Their son:

    • William Lewis Perry, born 1838, died 1897.
      Married Rachel Maria Humes, born 1844, died 1901. Their son:

      • Lee Vincent Perry, born 1871, died 1940 (lived in Washington, Pennsylvania)
        Married Laura Bell Conner, born 1875, died 1960. Their son:

        • Melvin Hulme Perry, born 1907, died 1985 (lived in Washington, PA)
67663 Ferdinand Perry, born 5 May 1844 New York, died 25 Jan 1914, Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Married Eliza Amelia Finn, born 31 August 1844, Mina, Chautaugua County, NY, died 31 August 1929, Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada. Their children:

  • Charles Henry Perry, born 21 April 1870, Greenfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania, died 22 July 1955, Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Frederick Lavern Perry, born 7 October 1872, Greenfield, Erie County, PA, died 19 May 1958, Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Lucena Bernice (Louie) Perry, born 4 April 1879, Greenfield, Erie County, PA
  • Louisa Agnes (Lida) Perry, born 18 May 1883, Brady, Saginaw County, Michigan, died December 1946, Saskatchewan, Canada
N16934 Lafayette H Perry, born August 1852, New York.
Married 1882, Mary Elizabeth Perry, born 21 November 1855, Berrien Springs, Mississippi. Their children:

  • Earl T Perry
  • Hazel D Perry
  • Myrtle B Perry
  • Lafayette Day Perry
  • Roscoe J Perry
  • Iva B Perry
B32213 James Samuel Perry, born 22 Dec 1819, VT; died 6 Sep 1899, KS.
Married 1853, Lydia M Smith, born 19 Aug 1827, Augusta, Maine. Their children:

    • Charles J Perry
    • Alice Perry
    • Allen W Perry
    • George Howard Perry
    • William Henry Perry
    • John Herbert Perry
    • Sarah Ellen Perry
    • Jimmie Ette Perry
    • Jenny Ette Perry

Married 2nd: 1870 Jennie Emma Elwell, born 7 Aug 1843, VT; died 1913, Girard, Kansas Their children:

  • Ida May Perry
  • Daisy Lura Perry
  • Lilly May Perry
  • Minnie Perry
261032 Waiting for earliest known Perry ancestor information from participant.


  1. jandakeenan

    hi there – I think there may be an error in the trees of the following folks:

    Would like to help investigate this – can someone with information about these families get in touch? Thanks!

    1. jcalmond

      Thank you for your interest in the Perry yDNA Surname project. Are you already a member of the project or do you have a family connection to the folks represented by the kit numbers listed in your query? If not, we’d be pleased to discuss how one can join and participate in the Perry yDNA project.
      When people join the project, one of the things we ask is that they complete a paternal line pedigree (as much as they can) that goes back to the most distant male Perry ancestor as this is a yDNA project. It’s recommended that the pedigree should be proved with documents such as wills, deeds, court records, family Bibles, letter, etc, not copied from trees they may find online.
      As the administrators of this project are volunteers, there is a limit what we can do and verification of pedigrees is one task we cannot take on. However, many of the Family Groups have a group manager to work with members to address questions such as yours and they work together on further research and documentation of their male Perry line. Family Group 2 does not have a dedicated manager at this time so I will make every effort to help you. If you are already a member of the Perry yDNA project, let me know and I can contact the members of Family Group 2 on your behalf. It will then be up to them to make a decision on the level of activity and research they can manage.
      Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm in Perry surname research. I look forward to your response. Janice Almond

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