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Kit # Earliest known Perry ancestor



James Perry, born ca 1669, Ireland, died before 21 May 1756, Perrymount, County Down, Ireland. Married Anne Swift, daughter of Adam Swift and Martha Ann Hopper. She was born ca 1669/75, Dublin, Ireland, died before 1753, Perrymount, County Down, Ireland. Their children:

  • Swift Perry, born ca 1697, Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland, died 1783 Dromore, County Down, Ireland.
    Married Elizabeth or Isabella. Their son:

    • John Perry, born ca 1734, Moira, County Down, died after 1813, Peterstown District, Monroe, Virginia. His son:
      • John Perry, born 1758 [or 1750/5], Dromore, County Down, died ca 1820, Peterstown District, Monroe, VA. His sons:
        • Joseph Perry, born ca 1782, Greenbrier, Virginia, died before 1870, Logan County, West Virginia.
          Married Isabel Sharkey Nelson, 1805. Their son:

          • Eli Perry, born 1811, Monroe County, Virginia, died ca 1872, Wyoming County, WV.
            Married Mary A Johnston, 1850. Their son:

            • Joseph F Perry, born 19 November 1856, Wyoming County, WV, died 23 July 1939, Barnabus, Logan, WV.
              Married Surilda J Hicks, 1882. [86000]
        • Henry Perry, born 12 April 1786, Greenbrier, County Virginia, died 15 March 1855, Miriam, Linn County, Iowa.
          Married Jane Busby, ca 1810. Their son:

          • John Wesley Perry, born 29 November 1819 Logan County, West Virginia, died 18 June 1895, Alexandria Indiana.
            Married Sara A Ellis, 16 November 1845. Their son:

            • William L Perry, born August 1860, Madison County, Indiana.
              Married Flora Belle Bennett, Waco York County, Nebraska, 3 June 1886. Their son:

              • Leighton Perry, born 10 April 1887, York NE, died 15 November 1953, Wadsworth, Kansas.
                Married Elizabeth Bienama, ca 1900, Rock Co, WI.[205176]
      • Reverend Adam Perry, born ca 1699, Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland, died April 1760, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland.
      • Martha Perry, born ca 1701, Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland, died 1748/53, Donaghcloney, County Down, Ireland.
      • Joseph Perry, born ca 1704 Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland, died before 25 June 1785, Leitersburg District, Washington County, Maryland
      • Jane Perry, born ca 1707 Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland, died after May 1772, Augusta County, Virginia
      • Reverend John Perry, born ca 1709 Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland, died after 1756 Annahilt, County Down, Ireland.
        Married Elizabeth Quinn. Their son:

        • Daniel Perry, born 12 April 1744, Annahilt, County Down, Ireland, died before 1818, Flemming County, Kentucky.
          Married Eleanor Perry, 1768 (daughter of Joseph Perry, above). Their son:

          • John D Perry, born 20 January 1771, Leitersburg District, Frederick County, Maryland, died ca 1849, Morgan County, KY.
            Married Elizabeth Nickell. Their son:

            • Thomas D Perry, born 5 August 1796, Greenbrier County, VA, died 3 July 1889, Elk Fork, Morgan, KY.
              Married Martha Wells. Their son:

              • Edmund B Perry, born 15 August 1839, Morgan County, KY, died 20 August 1929, West Liberty, Morgan, County, KY.
                Married Lucinda E Gardner, 1867. Their son:

                • Henry G Perry, born 9 June 1871, Morgan County, KY, died 13 August 1931, Morgan County, KY. [155909]
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